We make things.

eyewear manufacturing redefined since 1966.

Global OEM Eyewear Specialist

Nakanishi Vision supports some of the World’s most visible eyewear brands in the luxury, sport, and lifestyle categories. Fueled by consumer demand, established and emerging brands continue entering the market, driving growth and opportunity, Worldwide.
Nakanishi Vision’s mission is to become a direct extension of the brand and organization, share the vision and represent brand values. Together we celebrate the brand story by creating something special. — More

Made in Japan

Product quality is built within our life style and culture.
An attitude of quality runs deep in our culture and is a top priority within everyone at Nakanishi. — More

Eyewear Craftsman

Japanese word Mono-zukuri translates to craftsmanship in English. But it focuses on ‘mono’ the thing being made, and ‘zukuri’ the act of making it, encompassing technological prowess, know-how, and spirit of Japan’s manufacturing practices.
 It is our honor to be called “Eyewear Craftsman” and to dedicate our life as producer and maker of eyewear. — More

Titanium Expertise

Nakanishi Vision has made a name for itself in the eyewear industry as a leader in high quality titanium frames. — More

Growing Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is very important at Nakanishi Vision, and we are always mindful of our impact on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.
The world top brands define a brand’s code of conduct as the detailed standards to which it holds its supplier accountable. — More

People First

Nakanishi Vision is recognized by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for excellence in health and productivity for 6 straight years. — More


Collaborative, purpose-based design helps to create original, functional works of art


Innovation, technology, materials and processes push the limits of what is possible


The most advanced manufacturing technology is used to create every collection


Quality is about pride of workmanship; every product reflects a commitment to producing the very best

People First

A strong sense of team and purpose drives a culture of innovation, quality and accountability