How do I contact you?
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Where are you located?
We are located in Fukui, Japan.
Fukui has long been recognized worldwide as a manufacturing center for high-quality eyeglass frames and lenses. Please get in touch with us for factory visits.
Can you help design for us?
Yes, we have an in-house design team to help design you. We would need your brand and design guidebook to collaborate.
What material can you work on?
We offer the widest variety of materials in the industry.  
What color option do you have?
We offer State-of-Art Japanese surface treatment technologies, including electroplating, ion plating, various printing methods, etc.
Can you show me your catalog? 
We are a custom design, engineering, and OEM manufacturing company, and every frame we produce is unique and specific to customers. We do not carry off-the-shelf frames.
Do you offer sustainable materials?
Yes, we are experienced in plant-based materials for both plastic injection and acetate. We also offer bio-degradable plastic bags for bulk packaging. 
What is the lead-time?
It depends on the construction, material, and complexity of the frame. We follow a strict process from development and design to production preparation, and we also put quality first in production. Our standard L/T is 6-12 months.
What is the MOQ? 
We create high-quality molds and multiple jigs for all styles and carry out production based on the style’s specific process design steps. Therefore, an MOQ of 1,000 per style is necessary to optimize productivity and quality.
For further discussions, please get in touch with us.


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