people first

People First

A strong sense of team and purpose exists within each department of the Company; this drives a culture of innovation and quality, evident in the collections produced and the many OEM brands represented.

Administration/Finance/Human Resource/Information Technology

The team manages company assets such as people, finance, and IT to create a working environment where all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities in a healthy and lively manner.

The Health and Productivity Management Excellence

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry certification system for corporations practicing excellent health and productivity management. Only three companies in Fukui Prefecture have been approved for six consecutive years.

Fukui Certified Company for Promotion of Women in the workplace

In Fukui Prefecture, where more than half of the working force are women, having women play an active role and responsibilities will lead to the company’s vitality.
  • Appointment of female managers
  • 100% of female employees taking childcare leave
  • The company subsidizes part of the cost of gynecological exams and screening

Youth Promotion Certified Company

The Japanese Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare certifies small and medium-sized enterprises actively hiring and nurturing young people and having excellent employment management conditions.
  • Low turnover rate
  • Management of overtime and taking paid vacation days
  • Work-life balance


Collaborative, purpose-based design helps to create original, functional works of art


Innovation, technology, materials and processes push the limits of what is possible


The most advanced manufacturing technology is used to create every collection


Quality is about pride of workmanship; every product reflects a commitment to producing the very best

People First

A strong sense of team and purpose drives a culture of innovation, quality and accountability