code of conduct

Nakanishi Vision – Code of Conduct

Labor and Human Rights

We do not engage in unlawful discrimination in hiring against any worker base on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, birth place.
Harsh treatment and Harassment
We have disciplinary policies prohibiting harassment and abuse and will not tolerate inappropriate and abusive behavior.
Involuntary Labor
We will ensure that the overall terms of employment are voluntary. We will not require employees to pay the company any remuneration or withhold an employee’s government-issued identification upon hire. We will ensure no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labor is used in the production of Nakanishi products.
Child Labor and Juvenile Labor
We have never practiced child labor and Nakanishi minimum age of employment is 18, and employee age is verified before hiring.
Working Hours
Work schedules take into consideration both the needs of the business and of the employees. These considerations may be based on economic or other conditions with respect to company or individual needs of the employees. We effectively plan and manage working time and rest days to ensure compliance with labor law requirements where we operate.
Wages and Benefits
We provide compensation and benefits in compliance with applicable laws and reward employees in salary increases and bonuses based on company and individual performance.
Freedom of Association
We respect and adhere to all applicable laws concerning the right of workers to organize in labor union and engage in collective bargaining. However, we believe maintaining an open, unencumbered relationship between employees and their managers is the most effective means of addressing work environment questions and concerns.
No fee policy
We ensure that no fees or costs have been charged, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, to job-seekers and workers for services directly related to recruitment for temporary or permanent job placement, including when using the services of private recruitment, employment agents or performing recruitment activities directly.

Health and safety

Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene
We are committed to creating safe working conditions and a healthy work environment for all of workers. We provide workers appropriate personal protective equipment and measures to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations. We provide the annual health examination for the workers.
Occupational Injury and Illness
All injury or anything that may be work related must be reported to Manager as soon as
Physically Demanding Work
Physically demanding works are mainly carried out using appropriate equipment such as
using forklift and trolley to move finished products.
We provide health and safety information and training, including written information and

The Environment

Hazardous Substance Management and Restrictions
We internally establish the limitation of the material requirements of environmental management based on customer’s inquiry, and we sign a contract agreement with our supplier to ensure the report for those main materials must be updated and MSDS report provided yearly.
Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction
To prevent the pollution and reduce resource, we have a saving electricity program internally and recommend using returnable box for delivery instead of carton box.


Corruption, Extortion, or Embezzlement
We have disciplinary policies prohibiting corruption, extortion, or embezzlement.
Disclosure of information
We have policy to protect from unauthorized disclosure or use of confidential information of the company. For the purposes of this policy, “confidential information” includes business, financial, technical, research and development, and personnel information and any information that is likely to provide Nakanishi a competitive advantage or could compromise the privacy of individuals or otherwise be detrimental to Nakanishi’s interest if its disclosure were unrestricted.
No Improper Advantage
Nakanishi has strict policy that bribes or other means of obtaining undue or improper advantage are not to be offered or accepted.
Fair Business, Advertising and Competition
We have regulations that rules market competition and comparative advertising and competition in the market. Nakanishi ensures fair business competition and voluntarily follows the generally accepted business ethics.
We provide the procedure and channels to report wrongdoing for all employees and protect them even if the disclosure cannot be proved.
Community Engagement
Satisfied customer needs, creating value for shareholder, complying with the law, protecting environment, corporate social responsibility and take care of employee welfares.
Protection of Intellectual Property
Any idea, data, plan, scheme, patent, project, invention or amelioration, no matter publicized or not, made alone or cooperatively for company by employee in or out of working hours during their employment period, shall be reserved to company. Intellectual property rights are to be protected. Transfer of technology and know-how are to be done in a manner that protects intellectual property rights.


Collaborative, purpose-based design helps to create original, functional works of art


Innovation, technology, materials and processes push the limits of what is possible


The most advanced manufacturing technology is used to create every collection


Quality is about pride of workmanship; every product reflects a commitment to producing the very best

People First

A strong sense of team and purpose drives a culture of innovation, quality and accountability