Social Responsibility

Recognized for Excellence

Nakanishi Vision is part of an elite group of small to midsize companies recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for excellence in employee services. We are very proud of this distinction as it confirms our commitment to our employees. Nakanishi Vision strives to be a good corporate citizen, both internally and externally.

Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry – Announcement of Organizations Recognized

Think Global, Act Local

In 2015 the United Nations established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Nakanishi Vision subscribes to the 17 Global SDGs, which are integrated across the organization through policies, procedures, and focused initiatives. – Nakanishi Vision Integrated SDGs – our activities.


Nakanishi Vision’s relationship with its employees, customers and business partners is driven by mutual respect and professionalism. We recognize that every organization is held together and represented by individuals, each with unique strengths and contributions to be made. The success of Nakanishi Vision is based on this realization.

Working Conditions

Nakanishi Vision is committed to making sure our employees and partners are producing products in safe and supportive environment.

We have never practiced child labor and Nakanishi minimum age of employment is 18, and employee age is verified before hiring. We do not support partner companies that utilize child labor, forced later or any form of human trafficking, forced, bonded or compulsory labor.

A trained Safety Patrol conducts regular inspections throughout the facility to insure all safety guards are in place, noise levels are in check and the overall working conditions are in keeping with Nakanishi Vision standards.

Compensation and Working Hours

Wages, including overtime and benefits, shall comply with local law, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits. Working hours shall comply with all local laws.

Harassment or Discrimination

Harassment or discrimination in any form is not tolerated and we encourage open communication with management regarding working conditions or any other concern. By maintaining a culture of open dialogue, we are able to build and maintain relationships, trust and a positive attitude throughout the Nakanishi Vision team.

Responsible, Accountable, Professional


Business Ethics and Compliance

Nakanishi Vision serves as the product development and manufacturing arm for many of its customers. With this comes great responsibility to steward the customer brand as a direct extension, as if we are part of their organization. Through commitment, Nakanishi Vision has, for many years, built a foundation of trust between its customers, employees and partners. The company is recognized for being honest, ethical and following standard business procedures, which includes upholding all laws where we do business.

Health & Safety

Nakanishi Vision is one of Japan’s most progressive companies when it comes to health and safety, including organized physical fitness, regular checkups and preventative health programs. As a result, Nakanishi Vision employees enjoy a healthier and more productive work environment.

Our Environment

The environment is a responsibility of everyone; at Nakanishi Vision, we consider the environmental impact of everything we do, from production process and components to disposal materials.

  • Nakanishi Vision will attempt recycle materials and conserve resources and energy whenever possible
  • Each employee is encouraged to focus on the importance of preserving human health and the environment
  • Nakanishi Vision will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

Community Support

Creating job opportunities is one way Nakanishi Vision contributes to the community, but our commitment goes beyond this. We support our community through organized company activities, charitable giving and volunteerism. In addition to corporate community initiatives, we rely on our employees to present opportunities and initiate support to strengthen the community in which we all live.


Collaborative, purpose-based design helps to create original, functional works of art


Innovation, technology, materials and processes push the limits of what is possible


The most advanced manufacturing technology is used to create every collection


Quality is about pride of workmanship; every product reflects a commitment to producing the very best

People First

A strong sense of team and purpose drives a culture of innovation, quality and accountability